Thursday, September 7, 2017

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My favorite time of year! And it appears that this year, fall has come early! It was a very tolerable August in the weather department, and so far September has been beautiful! Usually it is still blazing hot through September, and then anything goes. I just hope it stays in the 60s-70s and doesn't drop any lower any time soon! In Iowa, it could be snowing by mid-October!

This season I'm loving oversized sweaters, sweaters with fun sleeve details, and of course long cardigans, which is basically all I can wear right now with this bump that is STILL growing! I'm hoping winter doesn't arrive right when baby does so I can try to enjoy a sliver of sweater weather in late October/early November. I do have a couple long cardigans that I've been living in (including this one here), especially just lounging around at home with a cute pair of PJs underneath - and I'm sure that will continue once I hit maternity leave!

Hope you're able to enjoy some cool, fall weather where you live! Thanks for reading! XO


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